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                                                                                Here are the profiles of our current member's of  Bitterne YBC. 
                                                        If you are under 18 then we will need written permission from your parents/Guardians, 
                                                                      Once we have the form we will be able placed your profile upon this page.  

Just Click on the Person to see their Profile

Ages 6-10.                        Ages 11-13                        Ages 14-16                        Ages 17-18                                                   

        Joshua Read               Daniel Batt               Carly Batt                                                        
Jamie Mansbridge           Ryan Lakey                     Daniel Squibb                                                        
Aiden Sherlock                Jordan Sherlock               Erin Katy Parker                                                            
Antony Lakey                                                            



If any of the details on the Profile page are incorrect please inform me by   with the correct information.

If you have not got a Profile sheet here is the LINK to it and then just print off a copy and hand to Linda or me.